FSE Courses

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This How-to collects useful information about FSE courses. This How-to is always evolving; corrections, updates, infos or experiences are welcome: click on Edit to modify this text.

General Info

You can get any further info at: INFO PAGE

Where to sign up...

If you wanna sign up for any course just click the following link: SIGN ME UP As you surely read before, an FSE course can accept not more than 25 people, that means you may find yourself in two possible situations: Problem: You don't appear among first 25 ones. Solution: be present at the first lesson anyway, in order to catch the chance to get in, if anybody will miss this first lesson! Problem: you appear into the awaiting queue table. Solution: just check as often as you can this LIST.

Any new FSE?!

It's possible that new courses will be activated. New courses will appear displayed onto a Pop-up! Check out this page: FSE Home.